Chapter 05 – How Worth Grows

“When you are kind to someone, you hope they’ll remember and be kind to someone else. And it’ll become like a wildfire.”
Whoopi Goldberg – American film actor, comedian and singer (1951 -)


Chapter Overview 

How Worth GrowsTurn your address book into a treasure chest!


Ever heard the term relationship management? Your worth grows based on the types of relationships you develop with both yourself and others. How much or how long your worth grows depends on the ethical steps one takes to create long-term rock-solid relationships.

Get ready to build a powerful base of long-term relationships.  Allow these relationships to support you in many ways. Once you complete FOUR common-sense exercises within this class, you’re well on your way to:

  • sorting out how to co-create mutually beneficial relationships.
  • releasing relationships that prevent you from achieving success
  • creating decades of supporting connections to support growth on multiple levels.
  • work smarter NOT harder.

Imagine life with less drama, guilt, shame, worry and doubt! Time now to achieve this life, step by step with team support.

Before starting this class, based on what you’ve heard and read above, what do you sense you’ll learn from this adventure?  In the comment box below, note your class expectations.

After completing this class, come back and click on the Reply link to post how your expectations helped or hindered your ability to co-create healthy, happy relationships.

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Chapter Five: How Worth Grows
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Exercise 16: Sort, Update & Master
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Exercise 17: Ask First, Act Second.
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Exercise 18: Start Now
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Exercise 19: S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals
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Exercise 20: Worth Passport Page 5
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8 replies on “Chapter 05 – How Worth Grows”

Kindness has always been my MO. Lol I have always operated on the idea that if I was kind and considerate of others that hopefully they would treat me the same way. Although this hasn’t always been the case I still have hope that the majority of the time it works out.
Many years ago I adopted a habit of complimenting people. Years ago if I found myself thinking something like how nice someone looked in an outfit or something good about them I would just walk by. In recent years I make sure to stop and tell them. It usually jolts them out of a daze and stuns them! First they don’t know what to say, but as they walk away I can see it has made their day!
I am expecting this chapter to help me with my networking and bring my self esteem up higher by giving me more confidence. The person I have chosen to get to know better is a great entrepreneur, highly motivated, confident, organized networker that I have admired for years but never really gotten to know. I am looking forward to getting to know her better, but as she is a pretty guarded person it might take a bit of time. One step at a time…

I often wonder if humans are wired backwards when it comes to compliments and criticisms. We seem to bounce out compliments based on all sorts of reasons. We allow criticisms to cut to the core with minimal screening. True? What’s up with that?

Cheryl – you may wish to revisit chapter three to review ways to approach a potential teacher If your networker friend learns about how much you’ve changed in short order, she’d be a perfect fit to fill out your first class! Ehh?

As always – good work!

I feel like the relationships I have outside of family are mutually beneficial. For me I have always been successful because I didn’t allow society to
define my success. As I am doing what I want to do in life, I am happy and success is as simple as breathing. Because success is all there is.
I found out you want to pick healthy people to build your supporting network. Young is good also as it has appeared to me most of my support network
have gone to non physical. Thats not to say that their interest has become any less. Yes work smarter not harder. I am no longer attempting to manipulate
that which is outside of me to gain a certain result. I am now working on the inner to create physical results. This isnt something new for me I have used this method
to stay in shape for many years as the physical cannot tell the difference from a dream or what you and I call our reality. In other words I use my mind to tell my physical body
what to do . Ahh Dont we all. 😉

Rik, as you tie into the unlimited potential that our off-world guides access do you sense you become another outlet of unlimited potential. As I come to savor more quiet time combined with seeing with my heart, hearing with my soul, the illusions of sight and sound fade into truth. Does that make any sense?

I remember a time in my life when I felt a very strong need to be right. I thought my happiness and success was directly related to how right I was. I was right to be with this person or find that person. I was right to hang out with this group or that group. I was right to have this opinion and beliefs. Anything else was wrong, and at that time in my life, it was my job to set those people straight who where not right. I was so incredibly miserable, until a mentor asked me, “What’s more important, being right or being happy?” At first I didn’t get it, and I continued to belief that right=happy. But then, one night on a “live” conference call I got to ranting about how wrong my ex-wife was, and my mentor stopped me dead in my tracked. He sade, “STOP IT DAVID! Right now, just check, how do you feel.” I stopped and notice, “I feel like crap. I feel miserable and lonely and full of self-pity.” Next question, “So, David, what is more important, being right or being happy?” I got it. So, I started “being selfish”, lol. I started to care for my own feelings and well-being first, and as I have grown into better self-care I have grown some very wonderful, life-changing relationships. And now, I get to grow them some more and reach out for more! WhoooHooo!

David, a powerful insight to accessing success – releasing the need to judge ehh? Amazing how our analyzer appoints itself as king, judge, jury and prison warden all in one – right? The more I come to know I know so little about anything or anyone, I feel happier! Why? I know without a doubt, I’ll never know all there needs to be known to judge anything or any one. SWEET! Thoughts?

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