Chapter 06 – Exercise 21: Laundry Time


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exercise 21After completing Exercise 21: Laundry Time, which part of this exercise was / is more:

  • difficult
  • easy
  • impossible

to do?

In the comment box below, dare to share a short story about the range of feelings you feel / felt while doing loads of mental laundry?  As you review previously posted comments, click the Reply link to add your thoughts as well.

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3 replies on “Chapter 06 – Exercise 21: Laundry Time”

This exercise was difficult in that I couldn’t really think of that much laundry that needed washing. For many years I have lived my life in the cleanest, simplest way possible in an effort to make those tough stains just repel right off. I try to always watch what I say, how I act and treat people, so things don’t come back to make more stains. Once in a while I slip but with the help of this class I have been made even more aware of my actions and am able to correct them mid-stream if needed.

LOL! Okay Cheryl! Is it more accurate to say that you’re surprised? relieved? delighted? at how easy this exercise is cause you clean-up after yourself on a regular basis? Or maybe you have a handle on the art of perspective such that you learn from your lessons with an eye toward not repeating those lessons? Hrmmmm 😉 For folks who live a mindful, compassionate life mixed with an abundance of gratitude, this chapter should be a breeze!

I guess I would use the word, surprised, maybe even dumbfounded. I thought for days, making it harder on myself than I needed. One reason I think it was easier is that for many years I have looked at any big occurrence in my life as a lesson. I look at the situation and try to think what the lesson in it was and learn from it. Sometimes I have not been able to figure it out, but with the help of this class I have been able to uncover more of the meanings of the lessons I have been given throughout my life. 🙂

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