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multiple-passportsAfter completing Exercise 22: Worth Passport® Page 6, care to share (copy / paste) a couple highlights from the sixth page of your Worth Passport (in the comment box below)?

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Ch 6: Worth Passport

This month has been defined by an exploration and release of a belief that has manifested itself often in my past. This exploration started even before I delved into exercise 21, with the uncovering of a very old, very familiar behavior pattern. That pattern of behavior came with an old, stinky, limiting belief.

As I delved into exercise 21, exploring all of those old patterns around times I got paid what I’m worth (or not) and times I paid others what they were worth (or not), I notice that same belief popping us inside the repeated behavior patterns.

At one point in this exploration, I wrote “I’m loving how this pattern is going to just stop happening, because I now see through the illusion of my ego and judge.” So, how did that happen?

I’ve discovered again, as I have several times over the years, the freeing power of Forgiveness. My fresh, clean laundry came back from the Divine cleaners with the following…

I now forgive myself at all levels of consciousness, across all space, time and dimension and release myself completely into the custody and care of my Divine inner guide. As I now look beyond the story (the illusion of myself as a separate me who creates patterns and beliefs), I sense a wellspring of peace, love, ease, balance, is-ness… whole and complete… requiring no thing for its perfection.

I have deliberately avoided bringing up that old belief and those old patterns, because I no longer intend to manifest those behavior patterns and have release that belief in loving service to me an everyone else.

Wow David! How awesome is this! To re-awaken to a reality of unconditional love – ever-present! Knowing we’re unconditionally loved, always, releases us from the act of forgiveness. True? We’re already forgiven given the fact that lack of forgiveness = conditional love. How’s that for a brain / ego twister!

Chapter 6 Worth Passport

Chapter 6 brought my awareness and worth up in a couple different ways. One, by making me more a aware of past giving and receiving tendencies and second, it also enlightened me on what forgiveness really means.
I am now able to see how my own actions caused what I would have previously called my “most hurtful event” and turned it into my biggest learning lesson. It use to be more of a “poor me” story, but my eyes are now open to the fact that the situation arose because of my own actions.
All of my life I heard people say you had to forgive to be able to move on. No one ever mentioned that it was inevitably me that was the one that I needed to forgive! Lol I always thought the person to be forgiven was the one that was wrongful in the situation, not seeing that both parties were to take just as much responsibility for the end result. Giving and receiving, receiving and giving… One in the same. I now realize that if they are not balanced then that’s where the drama and conflict begins. By looking back at my timeline I see that expectations and trust are at the base of most of my lessons. Not that my expectations have ever been grandiose but they may not have meshed with the other persons, creating an imbalance. Also in the past I have trusted people too much, I saw their worth but they didn’t, so their actions reflected how they felt, again drama from an imbalance.
I now see how important balance is in so many aspects of one’s life. I am now able to walk back through experiences and see the imbalance in a situation and release it, realizing I got what I paid for.

Outstanding Cheryl! Gaining more awareness of the power of balance allows the magic of release to work its charms on all other life aspects. The ability to see clearly how every action is a reaction of something I’ve done wakes me up to the elixir of awareness. Awareness balanced with unconditional love – what’s stopping us from stepping into our fullest potential? Ehh?

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