Chapter 07 – Pricing The Priceless

“Surely there comes a time when counting the cost and paying the price aren’t things to think about any more. All that matters is value – the ultimate value of what one does.”
James Hilton – English novelist (1900-1954)

“There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero – Ancient Roman orator & statesman (106 BC-43 BC)

Chapter Overview

Pricing The Priceless

What are priceless moments?

Being born? Loving someone? Being loved by someone? Breathing? Seeing? Hearing? Touching? Tasting? Experiencing a blissful or sacred moment? Learning something new about yourself based on all sorts of hard work? All priceless, or are they?

They say there’s a price for everything. Is there?

Time to explore the price we pay for what we think is priceless. In this class, we’ll:

  • discover how we’re paid what we’re worth – daily!
  • explore three timeless guidelines to FULLY honor someone’s worth (on many levels) with ease and grace.
  • learn ways to end suffering, one day, one thought, one person at a time.
  • know the difference between gratitude and gratuity.

Everything has a price. Time to discover how to spend time, money, attention, etc. (what you have), wisely.

Instructions: in the comment box below, share some ideas on what you expect you’ll learn in this class based on what you heard and read above. After completing this class, revisit your comment and Reply to it with that you actually learned.

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Chapter Seven: Pricing The Priceless
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Exercise 23: Gratuity? Or Gratitude?
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Exercise 24: Ethical, Timeless Guidelines
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Exercise 25: Worth Passport® Page 7
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14 replies on “Chapter 07 – Pricing The Priceless”

Oh my goodness!! I had it wrong in my mind!! Now a huge aha moment came to play with just now. Nothing is priceless, meaning everything has a price. And what is priceless is timeless!!

Puts things into a unique light – right? Is any object priceless? No. Is any creature priceless? No. Is memory, innocence, skill, act/deed priceless? No. Everything costs something. Costs include time, attention, respect, health, patience, reverence, gratitude, money (etc.). When I’m happy with the ‘price paid’ – life is good.

Yes and it becomes more clear that when I honor my own worth, I can and should honor the worth of others, if I can. But more so than that I desire to serve and help them to feel their own worth and also honor the worth of others as they make their life. The balance of giving and receiving feels awesome!! I know many who do not understand this concept of balance. All my actions and not taking actions comes with a cost as well. It seeps into my very soul and speaks to me.

Spot on Marsha. You’re tapping into the deepest meaning of PMWIW. As more folks balance “the needs of the one” with the “needs of the many” the natural side-effect is honoring worth – in all aspects! Cool ehh?

I am thinking I may learn more in depth what the difference between gratitude and gratuity are, and the concept of priceless versus timeless. I am looking forward to the doing the exercise to expand my awareness on gratuity and gratitude, maybe it will help me balance out that score on giving and receiving!

After reading both quotes I have to remark that Ciceros quote “There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness.” I think it is great to repay kindness but when I perform an act of kindness I don’t expect it to be repayed. Sure it is nice to repay kindness and I always do in some way, shape or form, plus extra, but don’t feel it is an obligation. I would be more hesitant in receiving a kindness with that stipulation attached.

Aloha Cheryl, I wonder if Ciceros quote has an eye on the concept of pay it forward. I know when someone extends kindness or compassion to me, I mirror back and forward this act to others. Receiving kindness is a great teacher of mine. Whenever I allow doubt, guilt, shame or worry to stain my ability to receive, I know I’ve got more learning to do!

“…the ultimate value of what one does.” Hmmm. what is the ultimate value of what I do, for me and everyone and everything else? I say that I place my highest value (price) in my own inner peace. Is that true? Does my giving reflect that value? Am I at peace most of the time? If not, why not? If not, what am I choosing to value more than my peace. What am I pricing (and thus giving) instead of my peace. How does that feel? I love how I feel and what I receive, when I give true inner peace as my payment to the universe. This month, I will explore ways and means to give and receive more of what I love most… inner peace. “My peace I give. My peace I leave you.”

Ah yes! David . . . pax vobiscum. Given our species history (deeds) on par with our literature (words), it seems we tango with an ideal while at the same time replicating systems to feed nightmares. One of the more fascinating aspects of the Chinese occupation of Tibet is the paradox China displays in their occupation. Ancient Chinese spiritual souls such as Confucius and Laozi extol the virtues of peace. During their lifetimes, they also witness some of the bloodiest marks in their history books.

What is is about peace that threatens so many while simultaneously inspires souls to dedicate their lives to serve and aspire to it?

David, I bet you’d like the first track of John Astin’s album: link –> Remembrance. Song title: Love, Serve & Remember. I played that on a loop for eight hours straight while driving from one retreat to another.

Thank you, Soul. Once again, I found myself heading over to Google for a definition: pax vobiscum… peace with you. I’ve never attended a Latin mass. Hmmm.

Is it peace that threatens or is it the fear of change, fear of loss, fear of the unknown? So, it is important to allow myself to safely explore my fears and any system I may be using to foster fear while allow Divine Inspiration (and peace creating systems) to bubble up from that place of peace. Thus, PMWIW.

I’ll find this song, Love, Serve & Remember, on Itunes.

I bow in gratitude.

wow, the Lid really has been blown off of my brain with this overview audio…. Be greatful, Help others learn gratitude and help others Learn that nothing is priceless but only timeless and That everytime we give we put a price on it… and that price is helping another raise their awareness

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