Chapter 07 – Exercise 23: Gratuity? Or Gratitude?


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 After completing Exercise 23: Gratuity? Or Gratitude?, how has your ability to receive and give changed?

  • Are you able to give and receive – equally?
  • Do you still find it easier to give than receive?

In the comment box below, share a couple ideas on how you’ll strike a more healthy balance with both giving and receiving.

Reminder: Review previously posted comments to explore different perspectives on balancing giving and receiving. Feel free to click the Reply link to add your thoughts as well!

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5 replies on “Chapter 07 – Exercise 23: Gratuity? Or Gratitude?”

I would say that my ability to receive has gotten better, but has not evened out with my ability to give. Through this chapter I have been able to understand the concept of giving and receiving being one in the same. I intend on thinking of this in every exchange I make during the day in an attempt to finding balance. Looking for the giving and receiving balance in every transaction should help raise my awareness and help me be able to realize if I am out of balance and be able to correct myself more easily.

WOW Cheryl! Your desire to explore the art of balance within the nature of giving and receiving provides powerful teachers. One of the most difficult lessons I continue to dance with is an awareness that just my being – is enough. To balance this awareness with our species mentality to judge another based on how many bricks they make – a trait enforced from our earliest training – shakes perspectives up a bit. True?

Granted, many belief systems practice some sort of beingness. Example: Sunday to be a day of rest. One out of seven days to rest. Who made-up that rule ehh?

Hmmm well These are the differences between Gratuity and Gratitude

an amount of money given to a person (such as a waiter or waitress) who has performed a service: an amount of money given to a retiring soldier or employee
Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

So its quite obvious these are very different expressions and concepts, But also to me they go hand in hand, To me gratuity is paying someone what they are worth for the service that they provided you and Gratitude is being Greatful and appreciative for the service that has been given to you!!! it makes a hell of alot of sense to me guys! If we dont understand how these concepts work then how can we expect one to express these towards us and Pay us what we are worth? !!!!

So Chris, when I give you a verbal compliment like, “I adore your passion to be of service!” I consider such a comment a form of gratuity.
When I take time to comment on your post(s), I consider that a form of gratuity.
When we meet in person, and I offer a hug, and you accept it, I consider that a form of gratuity.
When someone asks me about you, and I point them to your website, I consider that a form of gratuity.
Random acts of kindness, I consider that a form of gratuity.

Gratuity is far more than an exchange of financial renumeration for the successful completion of a transaction. True?

One of the many ah-ha’s folks come to as they unfold their awareness of the blessings of gratitude is the reality that one life – one life – is worth far more than all the money in the world. Thus, from a financial standpoint I’m eternally unable to financially pay you – what you’re truly worth . . .

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