Chapter 08 – Exercise 26: Step-By-Step Success


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ContractAfter completing Exercise 26: Step-By-Step Success, in the comment box below, share a few thoughts on the structure (the four ingredients: performance, rules, rewards and penalties) we suggest using for PBC’s. What are the:

  • strengths
  • weaknesses

of this structure.

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6 replies on “Chapter 08 – Exercise 26: Step-By-Step Success”

I love how this PBC process makes things simple, yet effective.
I love how I can easily see exactly how to create Win-Win scenarios
I feels good to have a plan that is realistic, easy to follow, and rewarding too.

Hmmm. It’s a lot of structure, and I tend to want to detail it up and over-analyze.
But even the recognition of my analyzer wanting to get in there is a Strength, 🙂

Structure is an interesting concept. At first, I know I cherished structure for it provides a sense of security in the form of knowing what’s what, possibly a sense of direction, a level of clarity, etc. As time marries experiences to produce wisdom, structure weaves itself into patterns I often take for granted until one day, something shatters that pattern / routine, expectation, etc. Tis a fine balance between chaos and order ehh?

I believe the strengths of the structure would be that everything is mapped out in front of you in detail so that you can see what is expected of you. Knowing what is expected of you, how you are to fulfill it, the pluses and minuses gives to a pretty straight forward map to success.
The weakness in my opinion would be that the contract is only as good as who is fulfilling it. As long as their intent is in the right place it will be fulfilled, but if they are not ethical and only looking out for themselves the contract may as well be next to the toilet! Lol

Ah yes. There’s that word – ethics. We’ll dive deep into that topic in our next chapter! In the meantime, I wonder how you define ethics? I ask largely based on the reality that contracts are a form of looking out for myself.

The strengths of the structure for me is I have it in writing and I don’t have to use my memory for what was discussed and agreed upon either by me or with another person.

The weakness of the structure is if I write a PBC that does not motivate me or another person because it is over complicated with details. Keeping it simple is best in my eyes. 🙂

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