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This chapter really made me realize how many performance-based contracts I am involved with each day and how I treat each one of them. I realize that pretty much everything I say and do is a performance-based contract with either myself or whom I am dealing with. In looking at myself and how well I hold up the bargain on my end of it, I have to say I feel pretty good about myself and the values that help me adhere to my beliefs and goals.

Doing my best – is all I can do. Others who judge my best as less than adequate tells me more about their insecurities than my perceived failures. Cheryl, seems like you sleep well at night given you balance what you wish to offer with a healthy awareness of what you can offer. True?

Contacts in society are bullshit. In my job as a surgical tech. I saved many people’s lives many different ways ALL of which I am not proud of because I had to violate my contract with the hospital and break the law In order to save these people. Which in turn could have wound me in jail or sued. Thank me that I never would sign an OR record. So when the punk lawyers came for their lawsuits all I would say was I never signed that record 😉 Every Lawyer I have ever met said I should sign the records.
I knew better said the man who never sat for one of the pukes dissertations because he wasn’t on legal record for the case!!!! It worked for 25 years I was never sued . Some might say that not signing was an act of not taking responsibility for my actions. I knew long ago that it was illegal to use a legal name.

Okay. Rik. Clearly you hold dear the concept that social contracts are bullshit. Fine. Justify it all you wish. Ends justify the means sort of thing ehh? How do you gain perspective when tunnel vision rules what you see? While chapter eight is useful in navigating healthy, ethical social contracts, it’s designed to bump up an awareness that we’re all connected. Words. Deeds. Match? Collide? I trust, one day, your righteous attitude will boomerang back with a refreshing perspective that while ends may justify one’s means, the means often coalesce into a more demanding life lesson.

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