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Creating a one-page summary of the lessons learned from chapter nine takes time, insight and forgiveness.

  • How many pages did you start out with on your journey to create this ninth page of your Worth Passport®?
  • What primary feelings happened as you polished your summary?


Feel free to reply to prior comments as well! The more we share, the more we learn . . .

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2 replies on “Chapter 09 – Exercise 29: Worth Passport® Page 9”

Amongst other things this chapter has shown me how important it is when a person is teaching, to walk the walk and talk the talk. Students generally have a tendency to look up to their teachers. I believe it is a good idea to set a good example for your students and act responsibly. If a person realizes that their teacher has good ethics and high integrity sometimes they will be more inclined to learn and grow with that person as they grow trust seeing they are responsible individuals.

I also learned the importance of not judging the students that we attract. Everyone is on their own page and who are we to judge without knowing all the facts about their lives. What has made them the way they are, their fears, their hopes, their dreams, a culmination of life events that you would never be able to fathom. I realize I need to let go of any expectations and just be grateful that they have found it within themselves to want to better themselves and grow their worth.

All in all chapter 9 showed me, not only about the importance of ethics and integrity in all we do outwardly, but how inevitably it affects our self worth and the others around us.

Mahalo Cheryl for offering insights on the upgrades you’re installing to your skill of becoming more compassionately self-aware, one day, one step, one ah-ha at a time.

One of the more fascinating aspects of teaching in relation to student expectations, assumptions and related impact on their own learning process is an awareness that when someone’s incentive to learn and grow is externalized, they risk undermining their learning and growing. When someone tries to follow by example (no matter who provides that example), an elaborate game of dominos begin!

Who you are Cheryl, how you decided to do or say whatever you wish to do or say is uniquely yours – true? How your words and deeds show the results of your Pay Me What I’m Worth journey is unique to you – true? While it’s true others may feel inspired by your sense of confidence, direction, clarity (etc.) – for them to experience what draws them to you means they must go on their own unique journey – led by a soul who has some sense of the path they’ll walk.

Did any of that make any sense!

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