Chapter 09 – Ethics & Integrity Study Group Exercises

Reading retention tip: explore the following exercises BEFORE reading this chapter. Use your journal to capture thoughts / results while you read.

Try scheduling a time to enjoy a dinner together (in person or virtually) to explore what ethics are and how they shape your life. Yes, it’s possible to share a virtual dinner. (Ever eat while talking on the phone? This time it’s okay to do that!)

As a team, for at least one day (a week is great!), set a challenge to find examples of where ethics were followed or broken. Discuss those examples that seem to be most relevant in your lives.

Based on your results from this chapter, post an intention statement (in the comment box below) regarding ONE ethical issue you want to work on.  Invite your group to help you with this intention by providing them clear, concise directions on the type of help you wish for.

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