Chapter 10 – Exercise 30: Thankfulness Or Gratitude?


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Exercise 30: Thankfulness Or Gratitude invites you to question your understanding of two terms we often combine into one meaning.  In the comment box below, share a couple insights you experienced after completing this exercise.

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2 replies on “Chapter 10 – Exercise 30: Thankfulness Or Gratitude?”

In making my lists for this exercise the things I was thankful for came to mind easily and quickly. The second one, of things I was grateful for, was much harder to create. I found that many of the things I was thankful for were more in the moment, whereas the ones that made it to the real genuine gratitude level were ones that had matured and ripened to earn their special spot.

Over the past few years I have been focusing on gratitude and learning more about it. In most of the books on receiving or abundance they say to focus on being grateful for things. None of the methods, groups or courses ever really defined that special gratitude you need to move mountains, around you and within you. This chapter has reinforced to me how that special gratitude grows with time and is not something that someone can conjure up on the spur of the moment. That it is a deep, special feeling.

I think that true gratitude for something comes from being thankful and appreciating it day after day until that thankfulness grows into a deep, ripened gratitude that has been aged to perfection with time. The feeling that genuine gratitude gives me is a warm, balanced, whole feeling that comes from within and spreads its glow on everything around me. Almost like a nice hug from someone you love and trust in a stressful time, something that wraps around you and makes you feel good inside and out!

Cheryl just tapped into the difference between knowledge and wisdom. The difference between these two levels of consciousness is a combo platter of time and first-hand experience to include the use of all my senses.

For example, with the help of books, seminars, workshops, retreats, videos, audios (etc.) written or created by recognized esteemed experts in their respective fields I can become quite knowledgeable on any topic I set my mind to. I can present myself as an expert based on all this research. Many souls who have little no interest in exploring my knowledge may deem me to be an expert based on how little they know of that topic, concern, etc.

In fact, based on all my research combined with polished presentation skills, experts may assume I know what I’m talking about.

That fact is, until I do what I talk about (sound familiar?) I have no wisdom of what I’m talking about.

Concerning this chapter – it’s time to ripen that which you’re most familiar with – being thankful – into something that often seems mystical – gratitude. As Cheryl points out, gratitude – much like respect, confidence, trust (to name a few traits society deems honorable) are products of time and experience.

To know your worth – first hand – from the inside out – to then radiate this wisdom to the outside to enable to take you in (take in your true value / worth) is a journey only YOU can do for YOU! What you learned about you in this journey – I pray – inspired gratitude at such levels that you’ll never – ever – regardless of what happens (or does NOT happen) experience worth decay in any shape or form.

Accordingly, do you now sense the reason why I suggest you teach what you learn while you learn it? By teaching what you learn – while you learn it is a journey in gratitude raising in real-time!

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