Chapter 10 – Exercise 31: A Lesson Learned is Wisdom Earned


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Exercise 31: A Lesson Learned is Wisdom Earned invites you to ponder the difference between genuine gratitude and acts of manipulation.

How will knowing this difference reduce the likelihood of repeating similar life lessons?

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Exercise 31. A lesson learned is wisdom earned

As I reflect back on relationships with friends and family over the years I see many that have been manipulative with their gestures of gratitude. Some I had realized, others not. The ones that had really stuck out to me I would red flag and usually keep at a distance. I never really realized why a person would go on and on, thanking me a thousand times. I always assumed it was because either 1. They were immensely grateful. Or 2. They were trying to manipulate me into saying ” your welcome, anytime”. Usually it would be in the case of them receiving a gift of art work or something I had made. Also 3. when they would go on and on I would let it take from my worth bank, thinking that they were just pretending to be thankful in order to fluff me up. So I would usually just brush off their gratitude and not receive it.
This class has opened me up to the fact that giving and receiving go hand-in-hand, I never realized I was shortchanging myself so much by not excepting and receiving so many things.

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