Chapter 10 – Exercise 32: More Thanks & Gratitude


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Exercise 32: More Thanks & Gratitude offers you a chance to tap into the priceless gift(s) of perspective.

In the comment box below, offer a couple insights on what (if any) differences appeared on your second list* of the top five things you’re thankful and grateful for.

*Exercise 30 = your first top five list.

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2 replies on “Chapter 10 – Exercise 32: More Thanks & Gratitude”

My lists were pretty much the same, but I gained a deeper appreciation for genuine gratitude enabling me to be able to hold the feeling better. Focusing on the difference between being thankful and feeling true gratitude through this chapter has really brought up my awareness of where my thoughts are, in the lack mode or the abundance mode. I have been able to identify and kick out more of the lack thoughts and move forward into the ultimate abundance mode. I can feel the difference and throughout this chapter my gratitude has grown immensely. I

Amazing how gratitude mirrors back the abundance that’s always – always – always around us. Abundance that’s perceived as ‘coming’ is blocked by the notion that it’s not here yet. That block – much like a carrot on a stick – will maintain an ever-present notion that ‘something is about to happen’ – when in reality – it’s happening! The more I allow myself to simply be grateful, the more I wake-up to the reality I’m swimming in an amazing life filled with such potential – I’m often blinded to that potential. Does this make any sense?

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