Preface – Exercise 2: My Personal Contract


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signing-contractAfter completing Exercise 2: Personal Contract, how do you feel about signing this contract with yourself?

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I find it liberating on a level because I CHOSE to commit to giving ME dedicated time throughout the week that is just mine. This is foreign to me because my pattern has always been to neglect giving myself time.

How do those old adages go about the “Plumbers pipes” or the “cobblers shoes?” One of the more serious issues I’m focused on is “who takes care of the care-takers?” I’m delighted to see you’re carving out time you now Christina! yea! Keep us posted if you can!

Signing my contract is exciting and sends my mind on an adventure. I am ready to explore my soul and use first person when I speak to our group. After last weeks call I listened to what Soul said about using first person and realized that I always tend to use “we”. It is important that I recognize and be aware of my talents and gifts. In doing so I hope to be a more positive force for others. I choose to live free.

I just looked at the contract I signed to myself today that I signed on March 18th, 2015. This is empowering now that I have been doing the work. I am smiling as I am looking at my signed contract to myself right now because I know I gave a gift to myself for once that has meaning now.

This ongoing contract is a gentle reminder to stay the course – true? As life unfolds and our initial journey (much like traveling to a foreign land for the for the first time to then fall in love with the place) might you return to this contract to savor life more fully – as decades fly by?

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