Preface – Exercise 3: Questions, Comments & Concerns

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Here is what bubbled up for me in reading just the preface of Pay Me What I’m Worth….

For the past 2 years, I have been building my paradigm (world view, dominant perspective) around this thought, “I choose to feel happy now.” I allow my feelings to act as my barometer of success. If I feel good, happy, peaceful, joyful, loved, appreciative, grateful, gleeful, silly, awesome, sexy, etc., then I am having a successful life right now.

If I find myself thinking thoughts that feel less than good, I ask, “What would feel better right now?” And I do what comes up, as immediately as possible.

My personal worth has increased as follows, so far…

– I went from working for someone else to doing my dream job in a Nonprofit I help create from scratch.

– I make a very comfortable living where there is more than enough to live and more than enough to give.

– I live my perception of a happy life with lots of room be, do and have more.

– I have more and better relationships that are more open, more loving and more of what I want.

All of my dreams, goals and desires are poised, just waiting for me to live them into this present experience.

What do you think?

WOW! David! Congrats on TWO fronts! First, this being the FIRST post to our fresh, new Virtual Classroom discussion, your post is poised to inspire all sorts of folks! Next, you’re well above the norm when it comes to where you’re at in life! Kudos to you and all who support you as you blossom more fully into what so many dream about – living a purposeful, productive, meaningful, abundant life.

You’ve set the BAR HIGH here for the first post! I LOVE IT!

Now – as for that waiting part – guess what – the waiting is O.V.E.R. right? Flowing with the notion of living in the moment, a skill we’ll polish on our journey together, as I embrace each moment, I have no sense of waiting. How about you?

I really love the idea of the raindrop that ripples happiness. This is how I feel!! Yeah!! I am feeling and starting to take a close look because I am free to discover again. I also have looked at how I related to my world back then and the difference now is I am changing some of my views. It’s simply astounds me and I am enjoying my dreams, feeling more alive and full of energy.

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