Section 01 – Exercise 4: Diplomas, Trophies and More, Oh My


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After completing Exercise 4: Diplomas, Trophies and More, Oh My, what surprised you about this exercise?

Share some surprises in the comment box below.

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This chapter was especially strong for me. I have had great achievements in education. It was important to me to do my best as was shown by being a straight A student in all my degree programs. I can remember thinking how big that was. In the last two years I have found that my greatest accomplishments have been when I was genuinely in the moment of service to another human being as they died. There is no other feeling compared to being of service to those in need.

Aloha Chelsa! Spot on! The rewards of service often – words fail – at attempts to describe – especially at the moment a soul sheds it’s mortal coil! True!?

What surprised me is how little the common “awards”, like a college degree or having a baby, mean to me. I am finding the most gratitude, glee, joy and accomplishment from developing courses and organizations, teaching and leading in ways that very few have ventured into. I feel like I’m right out on the cutting edge of what I want to see in the world, and I Love Being The Change!

As I went through the exercise I was surprised at the warm fuzzy feelings that popped as I recognized the important trophies. Important “trophies” in my life are those little things that reflect my value thru rewards I receive from others. Example: Thank you notes from those served by the work I do through National Seizure Disorders Foundation, this years Mother’s Day gift from my granddaughter, encouraging words I receive from members and Leaders of NSDF. It feels good to gain feedback on the good I do for others. I look forward with gleeful anticipation to the day I am building my own worth by rewarding myself with these trophies from the inside out.

Below is one of the things I remembered when doing this exercise and the feeling that came up…

When I was first baptized as a child:

I went to Sunday school one morning and after hearing the message that day, I decided it was time to give my life to Christ. I was so excited waiting for the end of the class when they would invite you to come forward to pray for salvation… but the teacher never gave a call that day and I was crushed. I went to the car in tears and when my Dad heard what was bothering me, he took me back in to talk to the pastor and we got everything handled. I felt great relief, happiness and a powerful memory of my Dad’s character and love for me that I’ve never forgotten.

When I was baptized a week later, I felt a connection with God that freed me of doubt and worry. I’m not sure how long the feeling lasted and I don’t know how much of the whole thing I really understood at that age (9-10 years old, I think), but I know at the time I felt completely protected and sure I had made the right choice. I walked away from God as a teenager and went through many years of darkness. I know now that He was always there protecting me even though I was ignoring Him. Thankfully God is patient and welcomed me back with open arms and helped me get my life and loved ones back.

Graduating Basic Training for the Army:

Basics completely changed the picture I had of myself. Prior to basic training, my self-esteem was really low and I didn’t have much confidence or ability to easily talk with strangers. After basics, I was stronger physically and more confident than I had ever been before. My family and friends told me I never looked better. I felt like I could accomplish anything and I couldn’t wait to explore the world.

Of course there were some bad memories and feeling that came up as an extension of these thoughts, but these events felt pretty good.

Here are a couple more…

New Mexico Mission Trip – I have never felt so good about myself as I did during and after this trip. Worked our butts off to the point of exhaustion but loved and thoroughly enjoyed the people who served and those we helped. Truly one of the best experiences of my life!

Celebrate Recovery – Helping start the Celebrate Recovery program at my church was very rewarding. Though my wife and I were only able to stay with it for a few months, we connected with people of great heart and hopefully helped others. I also met Tony there, who would become one of my best friends in the world.

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