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I used to be that guy who talked about “some day, when…” everything is right, I can go after my dreams. They sat in a box for a long time. I’d pull the box out occasionally, only to put it back on the shelf when I confirmed that “some day” had not come, yet.

Last week I shared some progress I’ve made: , and although that was great, what Ms. Bombeck is saying to me is, “Hey David! When is NOW the perfect time to LIVE your dreams, goals and desires??”

Bingo David! Once I take my first step in realizing my dreams, I signal all that supports me, I’m ready to go! Welcome to a growing local to global grassroots community all primed to journey and grow with you NOW!
Time Is Now

I used to think that I had no control of my life. It took me over 50 yrs to realize I am in control of my destiny and my Success. We all start in a Similar way! We have a Mom or Dad or Both they lead you until you lead yourself. I was 45 yrs old before I realized I wasn’t out to Please My Parents well honor them, but I realized much more that My supreme Deity is there to help me reach Success! The Universe is there just ask and it shall be given. If I run around and let my Focus Go … Its Gone until I get al distractions away. I am on this journey to find my inner me. I have seen enough of my Outer Self. I just pray I will be more focused and Balanced in Life and Business! I need to learn to get on a project and stay doing that project without interuptions. I usually race around Like the Perverbeal Chicken with Head chopped off with no Focus so I will need to learn Focus And Balance.

I get so overwhelmed that i accomplish Nothing. I need a to do list That I can understand . I need to learn one task before going for another as I never learn the information unless I do It! I appreciate the opportunity to become better in my Life with Balance and a Step by step Success route. I believe that I will find what I need to obtain that knowledge is Here with Soul Dancer and The Great Marsha Sortino and our Team-mates … The Team Seekers we will change the World!. I am game to change myself and then the World! Are You? Love to All! Carl A Davis P.S. Let us unite to change the Negatives of the World To Positives… Be Blessed Team as You all are a Blessing to Others!

Great post Carl I also have had similar experiences in my life.

The chaos committee can manifest at times for me also.

For me as I continue to choose to focus on picking the fruits of the present I am
presented with many gifts.

I am grateful for them all!

I used to be afraid to pursue my dreams but the only that scared me more than pursuing my dreams was not pursing my dreams . At 23 I decide I would find a different lifestyle than just living to pay bills like the rest of my family. I experienced failure after failure to become financially independent until now! I know that my pursuit of my dreams lead me here for a reason and I’m so excited to see what comes of it.

Congrats Kareem on waking up to the power of evolving cycles – cycles that keep too many asleep and afraid of realizing dreams. As we awaken and empower your explorer, we awaken and empower changes our world needs. True! Each post you make here – chronicling your journey, provides a path for others to follow. What path will you cut for yourself? We’re delighted to be part of your journey – mahalo nui loa for joining us!
Personal Development

In the past I looked to others for permission to even consider the smallest of my dreams. As I surrounded myself with powerful mentors and overcame the bullies in my head I began to stretch and grow. Suddenly I was noticing I could explore my dreams without permission from others. I began believing in my dreams and in the fact they too have life. Soon I began taking my dreams out of the box of bondage and nurturing them with loving attention. This lead to my biggest dream taking on a life of it’s own, the dream of helping others become more than a diagnosis and feel better than thier current thought/circumstance. Now I am living my dream and watching gleefully as it expands.

Aloha Tonya! Fascinating how dreams mirror our species stages of development. True? Once conceived, nurtured and born, we live or die based on the kinds and minds of support. As we ripen into awareness of our divine intention, we gestate, reveal and nurture our calling. As our calling learns to crawl, stand-up, walk, run then fly, we witness the pains and joys of birthing change. This change mothers the evolutionary steps our souls are already primed and waiting to take. Thoughts?

Aloha Soul! Yes, fascinating it is! I am often reminded by my own awareness that when I have stopped nurturing my calling, even only for a moment, I feel a sense of devolving and even death. In that moment I reassure myself that everything is temporary and I have the power of choice to begin again and evolve. I take action to continue the nurturing and growing process and instantly see results of growth in my personal and business life.

Tonya at the end of the Day Who has to face what we did during the Day, or What we Didn’t Do. We need to answer for out Great Times and Bad… Hopefully no Bad!

Dreams can be a sometime thing, I know I have done this in the past. I’m learning to except my dreams a now thing and not a someday thing. Yes dreams take time to become reality, but it is better ti say my dreams are coming true one step at a time instead of someday my dreams will come true.

All I can say is right now I am living my dream. Some of my dreams are appearing to me now as I stay is this present moment with you all. It feels so good to have the support from you all. And it feels great to be able to dream again!!

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