Section Two: Preparing To Give

Section two prepares us to take a journey to explore how to give with less stress and more grace. To set the stage, we begin with these two quotes:

“I have come to believe that giving and receiving are really the same. Giving and receiving, not giving and taking.”
Joyce Grenfell– English actress (1910-1979)


“If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.”
Buddha (563 BC-483 BC)

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After pondering the quotes the thought the floated to the top was that yes, I agree totally, giving and receiving are the same. I had never really thought about it in depth enough to realize exactly how this works before taking this class. For the longest time I would not let the circle fulfill itself in giving and then receiving, as I would not let myself acknowledge their gratitude and take it in, I would just reflect it. Since I have learned that in giving I have to be able to receive the gratitude and compliments, thus aiding the person on the other end of the deal just as much as myself, it has been much easier to receive.

Yeah, I have had a very similar epiphany to what cheryl ryser wrote.. It would begin to seem that Now I catch myself more when i realize, hey! this is an opportunity to give something to someone and make their day better! To increase their self worth or whatever the gesture induces emotionally in that person I know i did something that perhaps not many have or had done for that person.. I really want this to be something that becomes habitual for me and I am getting there. Giving and receiving are One and the same and I am glad that I recognize it more and more when it happens!

After our class on this preview of Section 2, I had an opportunity to work with a dear friend of mine who is a very gifted holistic therapist. Here is what came up….

Masculine: oppressor vs fighter for freedom

Age 9 is relevant because that was the peak of my dad’s acting out in rage, where I felt like I couldn’t trust him or be as close. Fear of being physically abused and feeling somehow at fault for the physical abuse that happened to others. A part of me senses that this is a recurring pattern… taking responsibility for the pain and suffering of others at the hands of the Oppressor. I have shame because I could have stopped it and I should have stopped it. I know how and now I spend a time trying to do what I know how to help people to deal with oppression, abuse. This has morphed into a deep desire to help people see the truth of who they are, because I need to BE the truth of who I am. That hold back from allowing the flow of balanced giving and receiving is tried to this “fighting against the oppressor” energy that is still in my DNA. I feel like I’ve been down this road many many times, and I’ve come up short every time. That notion of “I have never been good enough to overcome or stop the oppressor” is a deeply ingrained belief that has been with me for millennia (many earth suits).

Age 17 is relevant because this was the first time in my current earth suit I can recall having become the oppressor. There is deep guilt and shame. I replay the memory of being abusive toward my first girlfriend over and over. This memory just pops up at odd times and I find myself reliving the shame and guilt. “I became just like my father, and I cannot allow that! I must stop myself from ever being like that!”

Ah Ha- All of this fighting against the oppressor, against memories, against that perception of myself as the oppressor… All of that fighting begets more fighting, more struggle more resistance. It serves no one and nothing. It never served me or anyone else. It blocks the flow of giving and receiving, and it makes it impossible for me to BE in balance and to allow love… both in expression and in reception.

David, congrats on this huge ah-ha! You’re clearing out energy-drains. As this recovered energy comes online, WOW! World? Watch out!!

Hey – chat with Marsha one day about our talks concerning forming an Abuse Survivor class. We need to balance both the female and male energies in this class. If this interests you – we could co-create a mind-blowing program to help both sides of this issue release and renew life.

I have come to understand giving and receiving in a special way. Since my journey here with Pay Me What I’m Worth, I revived my joy in giving and receiving. My understanding now is that there is always a healthy balance and flow that goes and comes back. As I give, I also receive and as I receive, I also give. The energy exchanges hands. The natural world shows us this exchange every day. I am what I do, not what I say I am going to do. I can’t breath by holding my breath. Obviously I must take in air and then breathe it out. And I must eat and drink water. All of which is provided to me from nature. I already discovered that giving and receiving is the same act, which was an ah-ha moment for sure.

So now I’ll take the Buddha statement, “If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.” Taking it a step further, the act of sharing a meal with someone is powerful because look at all the energy exchanges taking place.

  • The relationship of the foods to our bodies.
  • The passing of one hand to another hand the feast of food in front of us. Pass the fruit salad please.
  • The smiles, the gestures, the coming together, the conversation (hopefully good lol) and all that it takes from start to finish to have a meal.
  • The offering of gratitude and the connection to each other and our Source

It really reminds me of how connected we all are to this Source and the act of giving and receiving in its abundance which we are all dependent upon!!

Marsha, is it fair to say that you’re now more in-tune with the magic of energy flow. You’ve come to know more fully the reality of interdependence (versus independence)? How the illusion of independence (a western mantra drilled into us at an early age) sets the stage for doubt, guilt, shame and worry? Example: how we feel more pride when we can pay our own way or the shame when we’re unable to pay?

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