Meet Team Clarity

Christina Ervin (Team Lead); Chelsa Ervin, Marsha Sortino, Julia M. Colon, Patty Anderson

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On-demand talk-radio worth listening to!

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Meeting Soul and beginning the Pay Me What I’m Worth journey has been one of the best experiences of my life. Now doing Learning to Receive it’s icing on the cake. The depth of loving myself, loving others unconditionally, and growth is a gift I wish for everyone. One of the best things was doing classes while grieving the loss of my mom. I can honestly say that thus journey saved my life.

As of this post I am a 4 year student of Soul University. I look forward to our 90 minute classes so much that I schedule my day around the meeting times! It never fails that classes weave in the topics from all the students, which adds so much depth to the discussions. I always leave class feeling less burdened by doubt, guilt, shame, or worry as well as empowered with simple, practical tools to navigate life. While the classes are so impactful, I must say that developing lifelong relationships with people who become a great support system is one of my cherished experiences.

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