Christina Ervin’s Business Builders Team Training


Business builders often find themselves clueless on how to properly value themselves.  All too often business owners discount the value they provide in the hopes it will build their business.  

Do you discount yourself?  While it’s easy to tally up physical costs (supplies, utilities, fees, vendors, etc.), how do you price your time, expertise and connections?  Join me, and the author of Pay Me What I’m Worth to learn how to properly value yourself and your business.

This program has already changed my life!

How?  What started off as an intention to help me grow my business by eliminating my block to calling people and closing a contract, turned into a truly life changing journey.

Before Pay Me What I’m Worth, I  was frustrated with not having the success in my business that I had been working so hard for. Since beginning the class I have experienced …

  • improvement in my personal relationships (more balance between giving and receiving)
  • have no problem owning my worth and asking for business (people tell me I’m more confident)
  • am stepping fully into my leadership (something I’ve procrastinated on for far too long)

Based on the results of the class, I enjoy:

  • healthier relationships with loved ones (less drama and traumas)
  • attracting quality business (working smarter versus harder)
  • waking up with new excitement for the day ahead (instead of dreading what’s to come)
  • getting paid – cash – to learn  (yes, that’s correct, I’m paid to learn)

The best part is you can experience this and more. How?  Call me at 423-737-5809 to learn more. Or!  Keep reading.

This program includes:

  • a powerful coaching series to re-awaken of your sense of worth on multiple levels
    • weekly class conference calls
    • at least one hour a week in virtual classroom and forums
    • optional calls based on team needs
  • dramatically increased sense of balance between giving and receiving by learning how to stop doubt, guilt, shame and worry
  • a pdf and printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth
  • team page (like this one) to share your journey with family, friends and Pay Radio listeners.


Call me at 423-737-5809 for a 30 minute intake interview.  We’ll review questions to determine if you’re ready to join our local to global movement.

We look forward to taking this journey with you.