10 Years ~ 250K+ Lives ~ Pay Me What I’m Worth Reflections ~ Ah-Ha’s & Oh-NO!’s

Celebrating 10 Years

250,000+ Amazing Stories

Reflections ~ Ah-ha’s ~ Insights

With over a decade of amazing success, we KNOW the secret-sause to our success is team work. Watch this video to explore what we’ve observed from all our teacher-facilitated classes, retreats, workshops, seminars, potlucks, talk-radio shows and book club events.

How has Pay Me What I’m Worth blossomed into a local to global grass roots movement?  

  • Who knew that the only book ever titled Pay Me What I’m Worth would inspire over 250,000+ souls (so far) to take a life-changing journey to gain and maintain a balance between receiving and giving!
  • Who knew that after a decade of consistent, confirmed ongoing results locally and globally, a book would inspire a grass roots movement?
  • Who knew that Pay Radio launched in 2009 would reach 143 (out of 206) sovereign states thanks to Blogtalk Radio!

Celebrate with us as we savor a decade of learning, laughing and growing healthy, happy lifelong relationships. 

This episode marks Pay Radio‘s seven year anniversary as well.

Sit back!  Enjoy a cup o something as you listen to Soul University Founder Soul Dancer, alumni and students share stories, wit and wisdom

While you listen and before you go . . .

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Music: What You Want and Aretes by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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