Juan Cerda Review


If you’ve been looking for that ultimate breakthrough in your life, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve spent 25+ years in Corporate America and have gone through a multitude of training programs. I also have a bookshelf full of self-help/improvement books and programs. These programs coupled with my own daily spiritual practices have each taught me a little something over the years.

However, upon completing my weekend with Soul Dancer, never have I ever felt the charge and intentionality that I currently have in my life. I am on track with building my new business in Real Estate, I am finally committed to shedding those unwanted pounds and every single day is a new opportunity to have the best day ever, making a difference in the life of my loved ones along with everyone whom I have the privilege to work with.

Breakthrough to the other side and spend an incredible weekend with SoulDancer.

Juan Cerda, Chicago IL