David H. Paul

Follow along David H. Paul’s year-long journey, step by step. You’re welcome to share David’s before / after playlist with your online family.

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2 replies on “David H. Paul”

Wow David! Thank you for sharing your personal blog post to us. Some powerful insights blossoming here! We’re lucky to witness the polishing of your perfection as well as the privilege to experience such transparency and vulnerability! Sharing your insights to the world – helps us all learn and grow . . . (inspires an ear-to-ear smile I tell ya!).

“So, I decided, right then and there (AND here and NOW) to see my history as my mom and God see my history… I was perfect just the way I was then. I was doing the very best I could with what I had, and I continue to be perfect just the way I am now.”

As time ticks away, I’d LOVE to watch extemporaneous before/after videos captured at the moment your perfection experiences yet another ah-ha upgrade! Talk about food for all our souls! WOW!

Thank you for all the extra effort, passion, wit and wisdom!!

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