Soul University ongoing Job Fair

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Soul here – Founder of Soul University (SU) and author of Pay Me What I’m Worth.  Over the past 10 years we’ve witnessed so many souls make profound life changes with our 12 month program.  To sample first-hand experiences:

As we start our second decade of service we wonder – do you need an extra $1200.00 (or more) a month?  Yes?  Great!  Are you ready to be paid to learn the answers to two ancient questions:

1:  Who am I?

2:  Why am I here.

Ready for your interview?

Step 1: Check out this site.  Click to learn more about all the classes in our 12 month program. 

  • Time and attention is all we ask of you.  No email address or money required to access actual classes – classes you can learn something from JUST by listening to them!
  • Like what you see / hear – here? 
    • Yes?  Time for Step 2 (of 4).
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How soon will you earn at least $1200.00 more a month?

How quickly will you inspire 12 people to join you in class?