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You have selected the Pay Me What I'm Worth - $225.00 Monthly Tuition membership level.

Monthly tuition ($225.00) receives the following benefits:

  1. One E-Copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth
  2. One printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth (mailed by priority mail)
  3. Access to live classes hosted by Soul Dancer, or a certified Pay Me What I’m Worth instructor.
  4. Listed in a class team page (like this one). Your team page becomes a library of completed classes – available to anyone who want to learn more about you and your classes.
  5. Massive visibility via Soul University’s radio station: Pay Radio (a GREAT way to share your class experiences with anyone – anywhere – anytime).
  6. Additional online and phone tools to connect with team members as often as you wish.

The price for membership is $225.00 per Month.

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