Pay Me Potluck Programs

May we pay your bills?


Here’s how we’ll pay some bills for you!

  • host a FUN a delightful, delicious potluck party
  • that turns into a reliable income source

Host a Pay Me Potluck.  (Yes, you get PAID to host a party.)

How much will we pay you?

The “how much” question YOU decide.

Three steps to get your party started!

Step One
Ask people questions like:

  • Are you paid what you’re worth?  (If no, invite them to your party.)
  • Do you need more confidence?  (If yes, invite them to your party.)
  • [make up your own questions that feel right for you]

OR – click to download an example of a flyer to hand out / post around.  (Flyer in Word format so you can edit / customize it.)

Step Two
For people who want to join the party – invite them to your next party (you determine the day, time, location). Be sure to let them know after eating, you get down to work with an internationally known published author.
Step Three
Remember to follow-up with reminders. Remind them to bring:

  • a dish to share.
  • their cards (if they want to do some networking).
  • beverages (suggestion: for clarity – and safety sake, maintain an alcohol-free space).
  • cash donation to honor the host / facilitator (you determine a minimum donation like $10.00)

Step One
First hour:

  • Eat! Drink! Socialize!
  • Create some fun mixers to help folks get to know each other.
  • At about the 45 minute mark – start ‘ringing the bell’ for round 2.
Step Two
Second hour:

  • Invite people to form small groups.
  • Do a quick round of intro’s.
  • Get Soul Dancer (the author) on a speaker phone, skype, youtube live or zoom (video conference call) session.
  • With Soul’s help, your guests will enjoy a lively, informative hour of insightful coaching.  By the end of the night, guests leave with concrete, doable ways to reduce stress and enjoy life more.

What do we talk about at our first party? Click to listen.

Step Three
Third (final) hour:

  • enjoy some decadent deserts.
  • make plans for the next party.
  • ask who needs a copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth (earn commission on each sold book).

Step One
Get Paid

  • Pass around a hat (or plate or something fun) to collect a cash donation from each person.
  • Suggestion: use 50% of total amount collected for cash prizes (if you take more – you’ll most likely offend people).
  • Folks unable to donate?  Allow them one complimentary night. Times are tight.  You’ll soon learn that folks who take all the time are not ready to give.
Step Two
Award prizes to . . .

  • that one person who brought the MOST people to this event.
  • folks who have a birthday closest to that day.
  • Be creative to award at least two or three prizes!
  • Set aside some funds for some kind of grand-prize drawing every few months.
Step Three
Award Facilitator Share what you sense is appropriate with Soul Dancer, who helped you create and co-facilitate this event.

Step One
Next Steps? Click the button above to explore some FREE stuff – info on what is Pay Me What I’m Worth all about.
Step Two

Call us:

Call us at 312-268-0000 any time to ask questions, seek support and learn how to get your party started today!

Just in case you’re wondering, will you need to buy a book from us to host this party?  No!  No, you do not need to buy a book to host this party.  (It’s helpful to have a book on hand, but not required.)

Step Three
Have FUN! We’re all about co-creating lively, FUN events where you’ll learn more about who you are – with ease and grace!

4 thoughts on “Pay Me Potluck Programs

  1. Sounds like fun and very creative.

    This is much like having fun times with Pampered Chef Parties, jewelry, lingerie, make-up, tupperware, etc.

    1. Mahalo Cindy, yes, similar yet radically different. Most parties evolve into some serious, long-term (as in years) networking events. Some folks now earn five-times what they were making in their 9-5’s just by hosting these networking events. Amazing – right?

  2. Hmmm, yum – tasty sweet and savory! I can see Pay Me Potlucks being successful in my area of TN. Potluck type of parties are popular here because those attending feel as if they are helping out in a big way by bringing a dish to share. I will consider this flavor against the palate of my current life and move forward when appropriate. It is possible that my ability to create can create an hour or so in the near future to host a potluck. But first, let’s get Miracle Monday under way!

    1. Mahalo Tonya! They are indeed a bunch of fun. As a core-group of members form, things really take off! Imagine how powerful it’d be to do actual in-person classes. WOW!

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