12 Week Confidence Wake-Up Course

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Complete the form below to RSVP a seat in our next 12 week Pay Me What I’m Worth confidence building class.  In 12 weeks we’ll plow through ten chapters containing 33 unique exercises.  Course results (with team support) include:

  • powerful insights on how to navigate the depth and breadth this workbook provides.
  • more confidence – a natural by-product based on reader reviews.
    • tools to dissolve doubt, guilt, shame and worry
    • common-sense steps to identify and resolve worth decay (low self esteem)
  • a solid set of new and renewed friends.

Each week (via a 60 minute video – phone – conference) we’ll review the content of one workbook chapter. (Each chapter takes less than 20 minutes to read.)  Heads-up!  Please just read the chapters.  Make notes.  ABSOLUTELY dismiss any thought(s) that you’ll have enough time to complete any exercise.

Confidence upgrades begin to automatically happen as you read and review chapter content.  In class we’ll explore questions as well as how best to use our extensive online study group materials.

Class date(s) and time(s) determined when at least 12 people ready to rock ‘n roll!

Suggestion:  invite a couple people you really want to GROW long-term healthy relationships with.  You’ll be amazed at the value their perspective(s) and insights enriches YOUR learning experience.

No fee to RSVP.

Cost:  $240.00 one-time (non-refundable) payment.

  • 12 hours of video-conference call instruction (one hour a week for 12 consecutive weeks)
  • all classes recorded.  Recordings available to members only via a private YouTube channel to help you get MORE out of each class.
  • one .pdf & one printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth
  • ongoing access to Soul University’s online Pay Me What I’m Worth virtual classroom (includes access to 100+ recorded classes).

We’ll email you to complete your registration (pay $240.00) when 12 (or more RSVP’s appear on our list).    Kindly note!  You WILL NOT HEAR from Soul University until we’re ready for your registration. (In other words – we do NOT SPAM folks!)

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