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Have you ever taste-tested a sample of something at your local grocery store before you purchased that something? Or how about test-driving that new car before writing your first check?

We’d be delighted if you audited (sampled) a class before you register.

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To participate in an actual class you’ll need an invitation by a Soul University:

  1. Alumni
  2. current participant
  3. office team member.  Call 312-268-0000 to talk to us about auditing a class.

Alumni:   Team Clarity  / Team Seekers  / Confidence Team

Participants:  Team 2018

Before paying your non-refundable $25.00 fee be sure you’re free for the day / time of the class you seek to audit.  No refunds for missing the class you plan to attend.

One-time fee includes:

  • access to audit (attend) one live class.
  • one e-copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth.


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