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Certified Instructor Facilitation


Pay Me What I’m Worth Certified Instructor one-hour retainer.

More details below…


Prepare to dive deep into the many layered nuances of Pay Me What I’m Worth based on first-hand experience.

Hire one of our certified instructors to facilitate / co-facilitate book club events. Engage them to coach you on how best to lead book club discussions.

Each certified instructor completed a minimum of 52 weeks of class instruction. We recorded every class.  Listen to them learn to learn from them Рany time Рfor FREE.  Every certified instructor invested over 200 hours of study, homework, class participation and class instruction.

Use your time wisely when you hire our instructors.

  • Prepare questions in advance – share them with your facilitator.
  • Record the event (coaching session) if possible. (Comes in handy for future use.)
  • Explore the potential of doing an actual study group with them. (For die-hard personal, professional and spiritual development students only!)


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