Breaking Toxic Routines ~ Becoming A Better You

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Questions to ponder to discover when you’re ready to register for our life-changing course.

Q1: Are you paid what you’re worth?

Q2: How do you define worth? Money? Success? Health? Love? Power? Property? Reputation? Respect? Time? Wisdom?

Q3: How much doubt, guilt, shame and worry do you live with – daily?  How do you detoxify doubt, guilt, shame and worry?

Pay Me What I’m Worth is a 12 month course that guides you through classes for exploring answers to these questions.

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Please think of (or write down) any questions / concerns as you read this guide.  Then call us at 312-268-0000 to clear up any questions or concerns.


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This class helps people who wish to:

  • improve themselves.
  • get in touch with who they are.
  • learn how to reduce unhealthy effects of doubt, guilt, shame and worry.
  • harness power buried inside their intuition.

This class creates a safe and enjoyable way for each student to explore unconscious assumptions that limit their perceptions and understanding of themselves.  By the end of this class students will have a greater sense of their own relationship to spirituality as well as a greater sense of purpose in their life.


Since 2006 (when Soul University published this workbook, thanks to TV, web-radio, YouTube, video and telephone conference calls), over 300,000 people have experienced wows, ah-ha’s, oh-no’s (and more) as they worked their way through this workbook through workshops, retreats, and seminars.  To grasp the depth and breadth of 33 unique exercises spanning ten chapters we suggest you pick one of the four following options:

  1. Schedule 32 minutes to listen to our on-demand talk-radio show:  Pay Me What I’m Worth (203 pages in 32 minutes) Get ready to be amazed!
  2. Pick from 100’s of on-demand classes offered through Pay Radio: Talk Radio worth listening to!
  3. For all hard-core students, dive into a 52 week life-changing journey with Team Clarity or Team Seekers.
  4. Want a short n’ sweet ride?  Our Confidence Cast discovers just how much confidence blossoms in just over two months (13 classes).

If you’re ready to discover a more healthy balance between giving and receiving, if you’re ready to discover and engage in life-changing tools – please call us at 312-268-0000 before registering for this class.  We’ll review questions and concerns about taking part in our next available class.

3 reviews for Breaking Toxic Routines ~ Becoming A Better You

  1. Chelsa Ervin

    PMWIW is such a wonderful adventure. After my mom died I thought that I would die too. I sat down and waited for death but it didn’t come. It took me about 7 years after she died that I remotely felt like I could live and breath again. Mom has been gone for over 9 years now and I finally want to take care of myself again. I want to live my best life and care for myself as my mom would have wanted. Thank you to Soul and Pay Me What I’m Worth for guiding me to a better life.

  2. Christina Ervin

    As of this post I am a 4 year student of Soul University. I look forward to our 90 minute classes so much that I schedule my day around the meeting times! It never fails that classes weave in the topics from all the students, which adds so much depth to the discussions. I always leave class feeling less burdened by doubt, guilt, shame, or worry as well as empowered with simple, practical tools to navigate life. While the classes are so impactful, I must say that developing lifelong relationships with people who become a great support system is one of my cherished experiences.

  3. Sara Large

    When a close friend (Christina Ervin) approached me about joining her for a Saturday class around “Knowing my Worth”, I was instantly skeptical and not sure this was something I would ultimately find worth my time. But I bought the book anyway and signed up for the class, thinking if anything I would be able to gain a few useful tools in personal areas I felt I was already lacking.

    When it was time for the first class session, I admit I wasn’t fully prepared. I hadn’t read the book yet and I certainly hadn’t had time to think through what it was that I needed from this course. Plus, I wasn’t sure I could commit to something every Saturday – I mean, what about college football games? What came next though was something I wasn’t quite prepared for.

    I instantly felt a connection to our class leader, Soul, as well as the others in our virtual classroom. Not only that, but I quickly realized that others too were struggling with the same sense of doubt, guilt, shame, and worry in all aspects of their lives. The very personal and intense conversations and stories my class and I have shared with each other are nothing short of magical. We take chapters from the book and talk through them, as well as sharing our own stories as they pertain to the book. By doing those seemingly small things,

    I find that months later I have conquered and slowly chipped away at areas in my life that needed drastic attention – that I had of course been deliberately avoiding for years. You know those relationships with family members that are difficult or things that have happened to you in your past that just plain hurt? The tools I have gained from Soul and classmates have allowed me to face those messy life situations head on, plus now I actually have the tools to stop those past behaviors from happening again. Missing one of our classes isn’t even an option for me anymore (I attended one class with a fever of 103).

    I want to attend and I want to learn – and keep on learning. The bond I share with Soul and my class will follow me the rest of my life, and taking the step forward to help myself, was one of the best and smartest things I’ve ever done.

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