Breaking Toxic Routines ~ Awakening The Best You


Questions to ponder to discover when you’re ready to register for our life-changing course.

Q1: Are you paid what you’re worth?

Q2: How do you define worth? Money? Health? Love? Power? Property? Reputation? Respect? Time? Wisdom?

Q3: How much doubt, guilt, shame and worry do you live with – daily?  How do you dissolve doubt, guilt, shame and worry?

Pay Me What I’m Worth 12 month course guides you through powerful classes to discover answers to these questions.

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  • Capture questions / concerns as you read this guide.
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  • Have your questions / concerns ready when you attend the Q&A call.

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This class helps people who wish to:

  • improve themselves
  • get in touch with who they are
  • learn how to release unhealthy emotions (doubt, guilt, shame and worry).
  • harness to power buried inside their intuition.

By the end of the course, students will not only have a better understanding of themselves, but more importantly, a greater sense of their own relationship to spirituality as well as a knowledge of their true sense of purpose in their life.


Since 2006 when Soul University published this workbook thanks to TV, technology (web-radio, YouTube, video and telephone conference calls), workshops, retreats and seminars over 300,000 people have experienced wows, ah-ha’s, oh-no’s and more as they work their way through this workbook.  To grasp the depth and breadth of 33 unique exercises spanning ten chapters we suggest you pick one of the four following options:

  1. schedule 32 minutes to listen to our on-demand talk-radio show:  Pay Me What I’m Worth (203 pages in 32 minutes) Get ready to be amazed!
  2. Pick from 100’s of on-demand classes offered through Pay Radio: Talk Radio worth listening to!
  3. For all hard-core students, binge-listen (as time permits) to a 52 week life-changing journey with Team Clarity or Team Seekers.
  4. Want a short n’ sweet ride?  Our Confidence Cast discovers just how much confidence blossoms in just over two months (13 classes).

When you’re ready to discover a more healthy balance between giving and receiving (by discovering and engaging life-changing tools offered in this workbook) – register for the class.


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