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Hello and welcome!

Soul here, the author of Pay Me What I’m Worth.Since 2006, I’ve the honor and privilege to watch how people shift from dreaming about a happy, healthy life to actually living one!

As people complete the ten chapters containing 33 unique exercises in this workbook, they re-awaken their sense of worth on multiple levels.  Want first-hand proof?

Take a moment to listen to any of the hundreds of on-demand (downloadable) classes on iTunesStitcher or Overcast.

This reawakening inspires a desire to live a happy, healthy, robust life – no matter one’s age, ability to location.

The results of this work dazzles me every time! This work requires a savvy, insightful, kind instructor to keep things in perspective as well as on track.

As this book grows in popularity, we’ll need more and more instructors! That’s where YOU come in!

Are you ready to join our family of Certified Instructors? Our Instructors help others move from talking about it to doing it with style and grace! When you’re ready to join our Certification Program you begin by becoming a PAID student.



Have you noticed how almost ALL certification (training, educational) programs require you to PAY fees – first?

How can you tell if your investment will pay off BEFORE you hand over your hard earned dollars?

In fact, depending on how well you do with following the information on this page, we will PAY YOU to get certified!


We first want to know if this program works for you.

Please take your time with all the information on this page (including the downloadable .pdf document below).

If all this information feels overwhelming, GREAT! Feeling overwhelmed is a normal feeling when faced with new material! Take your time. Click off and come back as often as you wish.


Cert GuideFirst things first! Time to discover if you’re a natural to become a certified Pay Me What I’m Worth instructor. How?

  • First, surf on over to our Free Stuff page.
  • Take your time to check out all the freebies – thoroughly. See how you FEEL (more than think) about what you find.

Next, a couple questions.

  1. Are you excited about what you found on our free-stuff page?
  2. Do you see yourself joining an exclusive group of instructors who help others wake-up to their fullest sense of worth?



Download the Certification program guide (click on the book image above).

Follow three easy steps in this guide to discover if you’re a natural to join our exclusive Instructors family.

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