Certified Instructor: Marsha Sortino

Aloha – Marsha here…

I have to admit, before I started this class I thought I knew my worth.  In my mind, I had a vague hunch of the value I bring and offer to others.  Before taking this journey, I had no idea how much I discounted my self-worth for decades!

Now that I’m a certified instructor for this program, I invite you to join me on a journey to experience many amazing life-changing shifts!

What shifts?  Watch this video to learn how this program helped me release decades worth of doubt, guilt, shame and worry attached to physical and emotional abuse.

I invite you to join my next class.
This program includes:

  • one year of powerful coaching to re-awaken of your sense of worth on multiple levels
    • a one-hour conference call / class a month
    • ongoing access to a virtual classroom to expand and continue discussions
    • optional calls (based on team needs) . . .
  • dramatically increased sense of balance between giving and receiving by learning how to stop doubt, guilt, shame and worry
  • a pdf and printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth
  • team page (like this one) to share your journey with family, friends and Pay Radio listeners.

Next steps:

Step 1:  Click to access our class catalog. Our catalog provides detailed information on both what you’ll learn. While reviewing our catalog, take notes.  Have your notes at hand for our intake call – step 3 below.


Step 2:  Sample a few of our actual classes. 

  • Click to listen to classes based on chapter content.
  • Right-click to save (download) any .mp3 file to a local player.
  • Listen to shows while on the run.  Stream audios with iTunesStitcher or Overcast.


Step 3:  Call me at 617-652-8331 for a 30 minute intake interview. We’ll review questions to determine if you’re ready to commit to a team effort to learn, laugh and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Our specific team conference call day and time is determined by team members once we’re all on board.


Our next class / team begins when 12  pre-screened, qualified people are ready to go. 

We look forward to taking this journey with you.


Music: Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.