Carma Spence 12 Week Review



I just finished a 12 week review of one of the most challenging personal, professional and spiritual development courses I’ve ever seen!  I got so excited about this program I made a series of Youtube videos (below).

Soul’s programs inspires me to learn and grow!  How?  Take a moment to listen to some of the shows in the playlist below.

Soul’s program includes:

  • one year of powerful coaching to re-awaken of your sense of worth on multiple levels (one one-hour class a week).
  • increased confidence to help you build your business(es).
  • exclusive, members-only, online classroom for every exercise to support your learning process 24x7x365
  • a pdf and printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth

Next steps:

Step 1:  Click to download our course program guide.This guide provides detailed information on both what you’ll learn, class terms, costs and conditions. (While reviewing our guide, take notes.  Have your notes at hand for our intake call.)

Step 2:  Call me at (424) 235-3743 for a 30 minute intake interview.  We’ll review questions to determine if you’re ready to commit to my next class.

Our specific team conference call day and time is determined by team members once we’re all on board.


Our next team begins with eight (capped at 12) pre-qualified people. 

  • Soul teaches all classes. (His masters in Social Work comes in handy!)
  • I’m a certified life coach with first-hand experience with domestic violence / abuse. I’ll add content to help release the results of being abused (physically and / or emotionally).

We look forward to taking this journey with you.

See you in class!