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Worth is more than a penny, pound or peso.

The goal of Pay Me What I’m Worth is to re-awaken you to a more robust sense of worth well beyond what’s printed on paper (money, deeds, etc.). As you complete your journey (independently or within a certified teacher team), answers to these to fundamental questions become resoundingly clear!

Question 1:  Who am I?

Question 2:  What am I here to do?

Our sense of worth is flavored by careers, ethics, gratitude, health, integrity, love, personal development, personal relationships, power, professional development, professional relationships, property, reputation, respect, self esteem, self-respect, spiritual development, time and wisdom.

Take the time to answer these questions to explore your sense of worth on 20 life-defining levels.

  • No financial data required.
  • No names or email address required.
  • These questions offer insights on what our Pay Me What I’m Worth program is all about.
    • Only one question (out of 20) concerns money.
    • Our money question is about feelings versus numbers.

Heads-Up! If this survey seems like too much work for you, congratulations! You discovered an important fact!  That fact?  You’re not ready for what we have to offer.

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